This Tournament Guide is published as a convenience for the BMGA membership to highlight and explain different tournament events.  Specific rules for individual events may differ slightly, so always check with the Golf Shop before teeing off. Unless otherwise noted, the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf govern all play. A   in front of a tournament description indicates that the event is a trophy ("major") tournament for which appropriate recognition will be given at the Fall Banquet.

Keep a lookout for information regarding GROUND UNDER REPAIR, which will be posted in the Golf Shop. When course conditions warrant and the EMBEDDED BALL RULE is in effect (check Golf Shop before teeing off), you may lift, clean and replace your ball as long as it is not in a hazard.  When course conditions warrant and the LEAF RULE is in effect (check Golf Shop before teeing off), you may replace a ball lost in leaves lying near or on the fairway. The Leaf Rule may only be used if the other members of your group agree that the ball was lost in leaves lying near the edge of or in the fairway being played.

THERE ARE NO LOCAL RULES OTHER THAN THOSE EXPRESSLY PUBLISHED AND ON DISPLAY IN THE BULLETIN BOARD IN THE GOLF SHOP.  It is the player's responsibility to check the local rules before each event, as both rules and conditions of competition may occasionally change.

Combat SLOW PLAY - Always be ready to play your ball and encourage your fellow competitors to keep pace with the group in front of them. If you can advance to your ball without distracting your fellow competitors and without endangering yourself, please do so. Always leave your golf bag BETWEEN YOUR GREEN AND THE NEXT TEE (never in front of the green being played while you putt), even if it means walking back to a position in front of the green to chip, then putt (take your putter with you). Hitting a provisional shot when you and your group lose sight of your original ball's flight costs much less time than walking back to the original position to hit again after declaring the original ball lost. Record scores at the next tee while others in your group tee off, not on or next to the green you've just played.